Friday, November 13, 2009

Pink computer might just save mom's powerbook

We are letting Katya open Alexander's presents at the moment. He's too little to object, though it might be hard to get her to stop opening them when he's old enough to do it himself. We have to tell her every time that his new clothes are too tiny - since she always wants to try them on.

In the foreground is the absolutely brilliant toy laptop from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Carolyn. It might just save my computer from applesauce crusted hands trying to find the "Count's Countdown". (We listened to that every night at dinner for at least two weeks before I started pretending I couldn't find it on the ipod.) The pink computer is wonderful. She instantly knew it was hers "Katya pink 'puter" and the other day when she started to go for mine I asked her to go find her computer and she carried it proudly into the kitchen. Whew!

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