Monday, November 16, 2009

Boston winter clothes, tv and giraffes

I know it's winter in Boston...could somebody tell my daughter.
We are having serious issues with clothes, which boil down to my wanting Katya to wear all her clothes and her knowing how to take them off. Here she is, yes, at the end of October in her fashion choice which she took off a pile of clothes to sort and give away (snffle).

She probably changed into it while I was nursing baby brother. She has defeinately figured out that I can't enforce much with my hands full.

Dan told her today that her hands were like icicles and she looked at them and said "bicycles?"

This is Alexander in his giraffe suit from Lib. We were amazed that Katya came downstairs, took one look at him and said "giraffe" even though he doesn't have a long neck like a giraffe.

Third picture. She must be watching t.v. look at that zoned out look.

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