Thursday, December 13, 2007

Immunizations and other baby drama

This was a big week for Katerina who had her 2 month immunizations on Thursday. Four big needles - ouch! We ended up with a very sleepy baby for the rest of the day, who woke up, about 2:30 and cried for 5 or 10 minutes straight. I realized how lucky we are to have a baby who doesn't scream for hours on end. She usually (usually) cries only when she needs something.

Saturday we had our first parental nightmare when her stroller tipped while we were shopping. She is fine. SHE IS FINE. But we are rattled and much chastened and will never ever put a diaper bag on the handles of the stroller again. Fortunately a bunch of blankets were piled on the boot of her carseat and she basically fell into them. We then had an E.R. visit - just to get her checked out. Children's Hospital was impressive and wonderful to both of us, but even when they said they were 99% sure she was fine it was terrifying and I became convinced I was the only mom to knock over a stroller with such a little baby. (Apparently I'm not.) She is fine - as I mentioned already but I can't say it too many times. She actually enjoyed the hospital and laughed and cooed at everyone who came to see her or even just walked by.

She is generally a very very happy baby. But cranky today - Dan is trying to get her to sleep right now. She sees no need for sleep, especially at night. No pictures today, sorry, but we'll get more up soon.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One advantage of cloth diapers

This is my favorite diaper wrap. It fit beautifully a week ago and now she has almost grown out of it.
Holding her own head up. Kind of scary because as soon as she is sleepy she can't hold it up anymore.

An attempt to nap

6 Week photos

If she could talk she'd say "wow is this hat dorky."

First Christmas Outfit


The cutest Bunny Suit

Church Sage's Baptismal/Christening gown

Everyone other than Sage looks very dressed up...but I have the new mommy stretch pants and uncombed hair.


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Child labor laws already violated

Some photos of Katya when her Grandmother Dorothea visited. I'm not sure that this counts as touch typing...

dorothea's ibaby pictures
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First photos of Katerina

She is here! Katerina (Katya) was born on Oct 7th at 1:21 p.m. Please forgive us being self-indulgent new parents as we steal a few moments while she sleeps to upload our photographs.

Album One First days in the hospital and at home
Photos of Katerina (Katya) meets the new world and has visits from some of her family.
Click above for more photos.

Album Two First Bath
We discovered, happily, that Katerina loves the water.
First Bath
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More later, Sage is going to eat something before going back to sleep.