Monday, January 28, 2008


Sadly, we realized that we no longer tell people how old Katya is in weeks, or days. She is now 3 1/2 months old. Actually, closer to 3 3/4 months. Not weeks. We are also adjusting to other people having smaller babies (as if having babies stopped when she was born.) We hate it. All the straps on all her chairs have been adjusted so they are higher. She is growing out of her green stitching diapers and grew out of the yellow stitched ones long ago. Sigh. She is so big now that we can hardly believe it. (She also wears size 6 month clothes and has since she was three months old.) Sooooo big. We never understood before why people get sad when their babies get bigger. Sigh.

We have rollover

Last week she learned to roll over. There were a few days of angry grunting and squirming before she finally figured out how to do it. Once she had she rolled on to her tummy several times and then quit after two or three days of rolling constantly. She can't do tummy to back yet. Though she is much less cranky about being on her stomach, if you push on her feet she can sqirm across the mat.

First Solid Food

We didn't plan her first food since we're supposed to discuss the issue with the pediatrician in a couple of weeks. Katya decided herself that it was time to sample food. We went to our favorite restaurant a few days ago, Rami's in Brookline. They serve middle eastern food and the restaurant is one of those great small places which are always full. Even on a freezing blustery day you can expect to see the five tables packed and several people ordering take out. We don't get there often, sadly, because it's across the river in Brookline, and Bostonians for some strange reason will drive an hour to get to something on their own side of the river but won't drive 30 minutes to the other side of town.

Katya was sitting on my lap while I was eating (Falafel, Hummus and Salad) At one point she reached out, very purposefully stuck her hand in the hummus, painted my sweater with it and then sucked the rest off her hand. She then ate a little bit of it off my finger before we decided there is probably a reason rice cereal is usually a first food and so we probably shouldn't feed her anymore.

But as a first food we think she couldn't have picked better.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

3 months old! and cool new blanket.

Katya is already 3 months old! It is very weird to go out in public and see people with babies younger than she is.

The day before yesterday she spent most of the day mad that she can't roll over yet. She would get about half way there and grunt and complain, struggling to get all the way onto her stomach before giving up and flopping back on her back. She is also very insistent on sitting all the way up and will get very frustrated if seated reclining on a pillow, often manages to get all the way up only to topple forward and be caught and put back.

We also bought a really wonderful product this week (for anyone with a new baby out there). It is called a Nekkie Blankie - which is a silly name but a very cool thing for any new parent to have. The bottom is a water proof fabric which is still very soft and the top is a layer which wicks moisture away from the skin, inside is a super absorbent very thick cotton layer. It is great for diaper changes, letting baby's skin dry out between changes or after baths, learning to drink out of a cup, basically anytime a kid might wet, spit up or spill.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Julia face

This is a face which has almost dissapeared. We think she looks a little like her cousin Julia when she does this. (though this isn't the best picture of it.) She does this when she is annoyed, though we have rarely seen the actual Julia look annoyed. She especially did this when I had to blow on her face alot when she was very little to wake her up and get her to eat. It never worked.
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Snow dog

We had tons of snow here in December. Phoebe love it even though she can barely walk in this much snow; up to her belly at least.

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A nap with Daddy

A nap at about 10 weeks. That little bug rattle on her foot didn't really interest her much at the time but she has discovered her hands now and stares at her feet sometimes as if ready to play with them but not sure quite what they are for.
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holding her head up

These are from the beginning of December when she was about 8 or 9 weeks old. She was already holding her head up very well and loved to fly.
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Approximately 6 weeks or so

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One month of growth - wow

Here she is at the end of November...

.....and the end of December

The blue wraps are actually very different sizes, she can't wear the one with the boats anymore. She is getting very healthy and round.
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No photos for a while.....

I have been reminded that we haven't posted ANY photos for a very long time. So I will be posting more in the next couple of days - starting with some older ones so you can see how big she is getting.