Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cool new toy

Katya exploring a cool new toy from the yardsale today.
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Sitting up on her own.

Katya learned to get up and sit up on her own today! I came into the living room and Dan was on the phone watching her sit next to the living room door. I couldn't figure out how she got up there without him right next to her. A few minutes later she took a toy out of my hand and didn't need to lean on the floor at all.

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(really cheap) New Glasses

My new glasses from came.
The top ones cost $12.95
The bottom ones cost $23.95 (such a spendthrift :))
Plus $4.95 shipping.
Two pairs of prescription glasses including shipping and coatings for $41.85.

There's also a great website with reviews of cheap glasses places online Click on store summaries for some coupons. Thank you to Susan for pointing me to zenni.

I'm ecstatic. I love them. Only thing about silver glasses though is that they really show off silver hair, I didn't think of that!
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Peaceable Kingdom

Sage's childhood cat, Stanzi, has come to live with us. As you can see she and Phoebe have got along just fine. They share a common interest, obsession actually. Stanzi will eat anything even things the dog won't.
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