Friday, February 8, 2008

4 months! Deutsch. Evil Hats.

These pictures have nothing to do with the 4 month check up, (except that she is getting way big for the co-sleeper) but she has a lovely new crib from my mom and a mobile we bought on a break from pre-natal classes. (So dangerous to take pre-natal classes at a store, breaks are ALL temptation, we also got her a dinosaur on wheels which I really like.) Because the mobile is a German toy I feel obligated to speak German while she lies in her crib. Die Vögel fliegen auf der Himmel. oops! dem Himmel. die? No, dem, dem, dem. Let's just say I am rather out of practice and gender and case were never my strong suit. I find myself saying rather silly sentances, the bird is blue, the bird is orange, the bird is yello, and this one is green. However she seems to love it. Especially when I hit the birds and make them spin. Also when I wave my fingers down to her face, Die Sonne scheint und die Vögel singen für Katya.

Katya had her four month check-up on Wednesday! She is healthy and lovely - the text book baby - in terms of weight gain, etc. We talked to the pediatrician about spreading out the vaccination schedule, which he wasn't thrilled with, but was respectful of. (Even if he did insist on doing round number two a week from Wed, not a month.) 
After her vaccination (two sticks) she cried for about 30 seconds. After I put her hat on to go, she cried much longer. Apparently hats are still her nemesis.