Friday, November 14, 2008

Croatia first day

It's her store.

We went to an old garrison on a hill. Pete and Liz in an old underground jail.

Overlooking the water.


Us outside Notre Dame


First taste of raspberries and yogurt.

First taste of raspberries and yogurt at the hotel in Paris. Yogurt ended up being a favorite.

Some cool stuff from the Cluny

St. Katerina

Awesome ceiling in gothic room - missing from picture my mom and Katya crawling around on the floor (with a bag of wipes.)

Carved head on a platter. John the Baptist.

Reliquary foot. Reliquaries were used to carry holy relics, often bones of Saints were put in containers matching the part of the body the relic was supposed to have come from. Here's a foot. Way cool, huh?

Pictures from our trip 1 - Cluny Museum

We started out with a long flight (6 hours - Katya was great) with a days layover in Paris. Here we are at the Cluny Museum looking at some cool Medieval art. The top one we are standing next to the sculpted heads of the Kings of Judea which were originally on Notre Dame. They were decapitated during the French Revolution as symbols of monarchy and then buried. They were eventually replaced with new heads, but here are the originals right next to us. Way cool.

 photos for a while.

A really long while. A really really long while. I'm posting now - though whether things go up chronologically is anyones guess.

May 18, 2008

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