Tuesday, January 15, 2008

3 months old! and cool new blanket.

Katya is already 3 months old! It is very weird to go out in public and see people with babies younger than she is.

The day before yesterday she spent most of the day mad that she can't roll over yet. She would get about half way there and grunt and complain, struggling to get all the way onto her stomach before giving up and flopping back on her back. She is also very insistent on sitting all the way up and will get very frustrated if seated reclining on a pillow, often manages to get all the way up only to topple forward and be caught and put back.

We also bought a really wonderful product this week (for anyone with a new baby out there). It is called a Nekkie Blankie - which is a silly name but a very cool thing for any new parent to have. The bottom is a water proof fabric which is still very soft and the top is a layer which wicks moisture away from the skin, inside is a super absorbent very thick cotton layer. It is great for diaper changes, letting baby's skin dry out between changes or after baths, learning to drink out of a cup, basically anytime a kid might wet, spit up or spill.

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