Monday, November 16, 2009


First Halloween for "Einge-singe". Katya is dressed as a "lady skeleton", as her music teacher said, with shiny black shoes and tights. Alexander as a giraffe. Thank you mom and Lib for the awesome costumes!

We were planning on going to an event for little kids but didn't realize it was the day before Halloween. So we went for a long walk on the bike trails and then out for smoothies at starbucks where we watched other kids in costume come in so their parents could get a coffee break. On the walk Katya heard Cicadias for the first time and told me "scared bugs". A few days later she was telling me "baby brother scared bugs" which I think was her processing it and being less frightened.

We also heard church bells which she loved and asked me about. Last night she was saying "church bells" over and over. I told her that we would hear some later and then looked at the clock, it was 6 o'clock. We went out on the back porch and could hear them faintly. They ring every night at that time, I don't know from where, probably St. Clement's. I don't know how she heard them from inside the kitchen with the window closed. She must have really wanted to hear them.

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