Monday, June 2, 2008

May 9th - she learned to crawl

We went out for coffee with a couple of other moms and their babies. One of them was about Katya's age and already crawling like crazy. I hadn't seen a baby her age before who could move as much as she could but he even pulled himself up on one of my knees and took a couple of steps!

The two of them played on the floor, in green onsies they looked like mirror images. Katya had been trying for weeks and weeks to crawl and was pretty good at going backwards. I looked down and realized she had gone forwards! It was like a light went on, she watched the other baby and said, I can do that.

When we got home we tried it again. Her crawling for the remote is something we'll have to work on though, I should have animated in a good book.

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